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Customer Support

eZCom Software is a fast-paced environment that prides itself on excellent customer support. We treat client issues as our own, and we are seeking an exceptional candidate to join our support team. The candidate must have excellent oral and written communication skills, the ability to absorb and retain the many aspects of Electronic Data Interchange […]

Drop Ship Fulfillment: The Next Wave of Retailer Compliance

Today, retail consumers have higher expectations than ever—they demand lower prices, a wide array of merchandise to choose from, and the ability to get the goods fast. With this increasing pressure and fight for market share against giant e-tailers like Amazon and Zappos, multi-channel retailers are scrambling to create efficiencies wherever possible to increase sales […]

Take Charge of Chargebacks

Chargebacks. Few things do as much to damage profit margins and relationships with your retail partners. While they may seem punitive, establishing your ability to efficiently meet compliance demands will nurture the business relationship.

Integrated EDI: When Built Right, a Powerful Compliance Tool

By Carol Weidner, CEO, eZCom Software Enhanced compliance brings opportunity. Vendors who excel in this area enjoy clear advantages, including avoidance of chargebacks which adds up to savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year; as well as improved relationships with retail partners. A strong compliance record with retail partners can result in […]

Omnichannel Retailing for Suppliers: Setting Yourself Up for EDI Success

By Carol Weidner, CEO, eZCom Software The omni-channel ideal is quickly becoming the dominant retail paradigm. As retailers strive to seamlessly and efficiently meet the needs of customers at every stage and every touchpoint in the retail process, their supplier partners must support them in order to remain competitive. This requires pronounced streamlining in all […]

API 101 for EDI Compliance

By Carol Weidner, CEO, eZCom Software What is an API? Put simply, an API—Application Programming Interface—functions as a communications bridge between two or more applications, allowing them to interface in an automated or semi-automated manner. The ‘client/server’ model can exemplify how an API functions, and can illustrate how an API works. On one side, the […]