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EDI, fulfillment, UPCs, labels. Read on if you’d prefer to avoid all of it.

Get Inertia

It’s hardly a revelation that time is the most precious resource in business. When your business or your brand starts to gain traction, the excitement of success is often tempered by the fact that you and your staff are suddenly pulled in all kinds of different directions. Before long, every day seems like a crazy juggling act and there are more and more balls in the air.

Less time on EDI, UPCs, etc. More time for growth.

How can you claw back that valuable time? Let’s start with why you started your venture in the first place.

Chances are, you’re driven by an entrepreneurial spirit or a genuine passion for your products and your product category. It’s creating a powerful brand that motivates you and drives you to push forward, past fear, doubt and obstacles. Whether you love the creative side or you bury yourself in analytics, watching sales go up and new markets emerge keeps you engaged.

But stop for a moment and think about the parts of the business you probably like a lot less. Specifically, the details of getting orders out. Labels and tickets, Universal Product Codes (UPCs), fulfillment, EDI transactions — as critical as they are, it’s not what gets you out of bed in the morning and fired up to start the day. What’s more, as you grow and succeed, the amount of time you’re forced to devote to managing orders only seems to increase.

What’s more, every transaction is not only an opportunity, it’s also a risk. If you don’t handle orders efficiently and quickly, you risk alienating customers and damaging the brand you have so carefully cultivated. With all that the Internet has done to fuel the growth of emerging brands, it is also a forum that allows dissatisfied shoppers to vent — loudly. If an order is slow to ship or packed incorrectly, you’ll hear about it, and there’s a good chance that all kinds of other people will, too.


Mind Your Own Business.

It makes sense to focus your attention on increasing sales and boosting demand instead of dealing with your orders. After all, that’s probably where your skills lie — you are an entrepreneur — and you want to avoid stretching yourself too thin. Trying to manage the order and fulfillment process while staying EDI-compliant leaves you with less time to capitalize on your strengths.

The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way. When you choose to work with companies that can handle all aspects of order management and fulfillment, you’re making a business decision that will pay serious dividends. Not only will you be able to invest less time in order management, you’ll be turning it over to experts who make it their business. These specialists ensure that your brand delivers exactly what your Trading Partners and consumers expect, in a timely and efficient way.

Here at eZCom, we’ve partnered with California-based Get Inertia to offer Lingo Runway, our complete order management and fulfillment package. For years, Get Inertia has helped brands grow and succeed by handling every aspect of order management, and they have relied on us for EDI transactions. Combining our offerings into Lingo Runway creates a complete package with considerable appeal.

Andrew Mercado, Vice President of Solutions at Get Inertia, noted that, “…over the years, we’ve worked with different EDI providers on behalf of our clients but always return to eZCom. Simply put, nobody else delivers EDI compliance as well, and their customer support team is unmatched.”

Are you a good candidate for Lingo Runway? As with most business decisions, there are several factors to consider. For instance, is your business entering a significant growth phase? Do the detail-oriented aspects of order management escape you? Could you better utilize internal resources within your company if order management was not a daily concern?

With Lingo Runway, worrying about order fulfillment and EDI compliance becomes a thing of the past. The combination of our companies delivers a level of expertise that is unmatched in the marketplace, without the investment required to develop it within your own operation. Again, it’s designed to take the burden of order management and EDI compliance off your company, allowing you to focus on developing and building your brand.

Does a tailored, full-service solution sound right for you and your company?