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    How can I print my carton labels? What do I do if it didn’t work?

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    When you say carton labels we can start with printing GS1-128 carton labels. Let’s first start with the three ways you can print GS1-128 carton labels.

    1) Web-Based Printing:

    Web-based printing is printing that is done by you. You would first want to create a shipment (ASN) from the purchase order that came through from the retailer. It is important that all items are packed in Lingo to exactly match the way they are physically being shipped to the retailer before proceeding.

    After packing your shipment electronically on Lingo, you will be able to see the total cartons packed. This is a great indication to see if your order is packed and if it is packed correctly. You can now simply click on “Print Labels”.

    By clicking on “Print Labels”, this will create a downloadable PDF file with your labels. This is called Web-Based Printing.

    Now, say you have multiple orders that you want to print labels for. What you would want to do is go into the view of all the shipments and select the orders you would like to print labels for. Next, you would go to the select an action drop down menu on the bottom of the page and select print labels. Finally, you would click go.

    2) Printing using Bartender:

    Bartender printing is printing that is also done by you. The difference is that the labels get sent to your Bartender program and automatically print when downloaded, printing unlimited amounts of GS1-128 labels.

    3) Here is a really helpful, detailed link that explains how to order GS1-128 labels on Lingo.

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