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    Lingo offers many proprietary time-saving elements that create efficiency. For instance, our Accelerated Document System dramatically reduces the time spent managing your EDI because you can create, update and send multiple documents — including ASNs and invoices — with just a few key strokes. You can also print as many carton labels and packing slips as you need, right from your interface and in batches instead of one at a time. It’s all designed for speed and accuracy.

    Want your 3PL partners to print labels and packing slips right at their location? With restrictions that you establish, you can give them access to your EDI documents. That means less time from order to shipment, and no overnight shipping costs.

    Additionally, Lingo lets you order UPC tickets directly from your interface, so you can say goodbye to filling out forms manually. Lingo also offers numerous methods for packing ASNs quickly and efficiently — you can even pack multiple ASNs at the same time. Our support team will help you determine the solution that’s best for you, even if your orders are pick-and-pack without consistent patterns.

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