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Labels and Packing Slips for EDI and Online Orders

Spend less time on shipping labels and packing slips.

Getting the right information on shipping labels and packing slips for EDI and online orders, in the least amount of time, is a critical component of an efficient supply chain. It’s hardly surprising that here at eZCom, where we’re always trying to automate tasks and eliminate errors, we have solutions that make it easier for our clients to generate shipping labels and packing slips for EDI and online orders.

Let’s start with the special shipping labels we offer.

The Crack-and-Peel

Box being packaged and labeled

Are you doing direct-to-consumer shipping for your trading partners? While this sales channel offers advantages to both the supplier and the retailer, the fulfillment process has some added complexity.

First, retailers expect the process to be seamless—they want the customer to feel as though the item they ordered came directly from them. With direct-to-consumer shipping, you’ll need to meet the exact specifications of each one of your trading partners. That means suppliers need to get the right shipping label on the outside of the box—and the correct retailer-branded packing slip on the inside.

Our direct-to-consumer solution is simple—print the shipping label and the packing slip on the same sheet of paper. Don’t worry—when we say the same sheet of paper, you’re not going to need glue for the shipping label. That’s because the shipping label is a Crack-and-Peel sticker while the packing slip is on paper. Drop the packing slip inside, and adhere the shipping label to the outside. Not only will you dramatically reduce errors, you’ll also save time. A few minutes saved on every shipment can translate into minutes every day, hours every week, and days every year.

The Paired Label

Shipping and GS1 Label on box

With the Paired Label, you print your GS1-128 and the shipping label consecutively.  Since they print one after the other, you won’t be forced to match them after they are generated—the correct GS1-128 is printed with the correct shipping label. The result? A drastic reduction in errors than can easily happen when people are trying to match the correct ones.

The Combined Label

GS1 Label

The Combined Label is a solution we developed for clients who count Bed Bath & Beyond as a trading partner and ship with FedEx. With this label, the GS1-128 and the shipping label are printed on the same sticker. All a supplier needs to do is peel-and-stick. The GS1-128 and the shipping label are both part of the same sticker—no need for matching.

How do you want to print labels? It’s up to you.

We offer different printing solutions to ensure that this part of the process is as easy as possible. You can print labels yourself by creating a PDF or get us to print the them for you.

Labels Printed from PDFs

GS1-128 labels

For many companies, the easiest, most efficient solution for labels is web-based printing. Lingo creates a PDF version of your labels—you can print them with a laser or thermal printer or route them directly to your warehouse.

Labels Printed by eZCom


If you want us to print your labels, we make it easy. Simply submit a label request in Lingo, select the ASN, and choose “Order Labels.” Answer a few simple questions so we know exactly what you need, and we’ll ship them to you through UPS, FedEx, or the USPS.

Less time on labels means more time to focus on your business. And your life.

When you’re working hard to make your company a success, it can be easy to overlook the ways you can change your processes to create more efficiency. But it’s important to take a moment and examine how you can make every task easier. Review the way you generate shipping labels, the GS1-128, and packing slips. Consider solutions that will let you ship more quickly and without costly mistakes.