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eZCom Software Releases first RESTful API for EDI and eCommerce

ENGLEWOOD, NJ, August 14, 2018 — eZCom Software continues to introduce new features and products for seamless order management, and today it is announcing the release of the first RESTful API for EDI.

The RESTful API from eZCom makes automation and integration straightforward, offering both novice and seasoned developers a tool to build customized supply chain solutions.

“An API for EDI that gives developers this kind of flexibility was overdue,” said Carol Weidner, CEO of eZCom. “A RESTful API is a simple standard for developers to utilize. We’re excited to be offering the first one that handles both EDI and eCommerce.”

Leveraging eZCom Software’s years of experience and finely tuned validation tools, this API is now a part of their application suite. It lets developers have eZCom handle the storage and transmission of their documents while they use the API to control all supply chain processing. Along with the freedom this gives developers to tailor operations to their needs, eZCom continues to automatically check and validate documents against the various rules EDI retailers enforce. This prevents non-compliant documents from being sent, reducing costly chargebacks.

“A RESTful API is an essential tool for building your own integration,” added Weidner. “The development process for the RESTful API is intuitive and agile. Compared to other standards, the demand on resources is lower, without sacrificing scalability. It’s a win for companies looking for a robust API to handle their EDI needs.”

Beyond EDI, eZCom integrates transactions from online marketplaces and eCommerce stores into its application, making it simple to bring all orders together in the API. The company’s Lingo software is designed to make everything seamless — extensive automation of data reduces the errors that are common when manual entry of information occurs.

Founded in 2000, eZCom Software is a leading provider of software as a service (SaaS) for EDI and eCommerce for supply chain management. Learn more at Find eZCom on Twitter and LinkedIn.