Amazon + NetSuite

Automatically Sync Your Amazon Orders with NetSuite

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When Amazon orders run hot, here’s how to keep your cool.

Your Amazon Seller Central store is booming. We automate data flow to make the order process seamless.

Connect Everything

Forget manually transferring order information or struggling to update spreadsheets. Import data from Amazon Seller Central orders directly into your NetSuite system, batched together in groups — daily, weekly, monthly — and operate more efficiently.

Automate Tasks

When Amazon Seller Central information is automatically transferred to NetSuite, the errors that manual entry creates are eliminated. Mistakes not only waste your valuable time — they cost you money.

Make it Custom

One-size-fits-all rarely works, so our NetSuite integration will be built with the settings that are right for you. You’ll also get technical support if the system crashes, along with two free re-installs per calendar year.

Lingo Handles It

You work hard to get Amazon orders in. Lingo from eZCom makes it easy to get them out.

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  • Manage everything through a single control panel
  • Turn orders into invoices — automatically
  • Create packing slips and shipping labels in just a few key strokes
  • Process orders in batch
  • Connect directly to UPS, FedEx. OnTrac, and more
  • Automatically forward tracking numbers
  • Scale up to other platforms as your business grows

Orders can come from anywhere. Make sure that’s not where they end up.

Get all kinds of data into any system.

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Is the flow of information choppy when it should be smooth? Does it take some serious coaxing to merge order information with everything else? Are you relying on humans to enter data correctly?

It’s time to make things easier through NetSuite system integration. Imagine the efficiencies you’ll gain when your Amazon Seller Central order information is collected and shared easily throughout your operation. We can make that happen. If you rely on NetSuite to run your business, we can integrate Amazon Seller Central and connect all your order data.

With everything working together and information seamlessly merging into your system, you’ll sharply reduce the errors that are created when data has to be entered manually. Your Amazon Seller Central orders will be in sync with the rest of your business — automatically — and you’ll free up valuable time to focus on growth.

Diagram connecting all system into one



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