Order Processing: EDI, eCommerce, and System Integrations.

Our EDI experts help your business grow.

At eZCom, it all starts with our people—EDI solution providers who are 100% focused on keeping orders in motion. 

  • Work with customer support pros who solve issues quickly
  • Automate time-consuming tasks
  • Process wholesale and online orders the same way—all on a single platform
  • Integrate with the system that powers your business
  • Make shipping seamless and error-free
Work flow chart

EDI and order processing on the Lingo platform.

EDI Compliance

Compliance is critical to trading partner relationships—as an EDI software provider, our software and our people ensure you maintain it. Double-validation checks, automation of high touch tasks, and constant updates to retailer mapping prevent costly chargebacks.

eCommerce Connections

Online channels continue to grow—we make it easy to process these orders the same way as EDI transactions. Automate the transfer of information to online marketplaces, connect directly to shipping providers, and track inventory easily.

System Integrations

Integrate the system you use to run your business with Lingo to create efficiency and increase automation. Whether it’s an ERP, Accounting and Inventory software, WMS, or a 3PL, we make the flow of information seamless.

Learn more about EDI Integrations.

Make EDI Easy

As companies grow and work with larger retail trading partners, efficient EDI is essential. It doesn’t have to be difficult—our Lingo EDI software and our people will help you turn a time-consuming, tedious requirement into a competitive business advantage.


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“Customer Support is 10 out of 10.”

“The people that work the customer service line are cheerful, patient and available. I don’t know where they find these folks, but over the years I’ve always had a positive experience every single time I call. Not to mention they somehow know all the ins and outs of how each of MY customers wants to work with EDI – and trust me, they are ALL different.”

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Cherie S.COO, Founder

“EDI made seamless”

“Between the simplicity of the interface and the ease of access to support staff, this system is incredibly user friendly even for the EDI novice! Our company has relied on eZCom for over a decade to support our ever-growing business and at every opportunity presented has risen to the occassion to build functionality tailored to our needs. The integration/development teams are best in class pairing their vast knowledge base with personalized support that shows they truly care.”

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Jenna CCustomer Op Excellence Manager

“Best Customer Service Ever!”

“The customer support team is hands down the most helpful group I have worked with. Their site navigation is also very straightforward and super user-friendly once you learn the basics.

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Karlei ACo-Founder

“Great Customer Service and Support!”

“This software option allows us to offer and utilize EDI without having the keep in house software and IT Tech support. Lingo takes care of it all and their phone support is always extremely helpful, especially with techy items that are hard to understand. They walk you through anything!”

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Jessica BDirector of Finance and Administration
G2 Awards

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