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EDI for Housewares

Get EDI for housewares that will help you stay compliant and report inventory accurately using the EDI 846.
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EDI Education

EDI 846 Compliance—RVCF

EDI Education

EDI 820

EDI Education

GS1 Explained

EDI Education Integrations

Outsourcing EDI

EDI Education

An Introduction to EDI

EDI Education

GS1-128 and Shipping Labels

EDI Education

Making EDI human.

It automates. It validates. It integrates.

You have clients and technology partners who demand you work a very specific way. Their way.

Our software understands that. You see, Lingo is not only powerful, it’s adaptable. Let’s call it software without an ego.

Whether you choose to use our portal, your own API, or an ERP from another technology partner, Lingo knows how to get along with all of them. Including a few that aren’t exactly known for being friendly.

EDI Integrations

If you work with them, so can we.