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Retail Trading Partners to Suppliers




Final routing instructions sent to the supplier by the retailer. Some major retailers will use this form to communicate final routing information for purchase orders, purchase order overrides, and shipment authorizations. The Lingo platform automatically transfers final routing instructions from the EDI 754 to the EDI 856 (ASN or Advance Shipment Notice).

Sent by retailers to suppliers to update credit or debit status and keep accounts current.

Sent to suppliers when new locations are added or existing stores move to new addresses. It is also used to provide a complete directory of stores and shipping facilities.

The Payment Order/Remittance Advice document, indicating much you will be paid and matched to the invoice.

Forecasts demand so suppliers can be prepared for future orders.

Indicates a seller wants your product or products. The EDI 875 is essentially the same document but is used by grocery stores.

Includes numbers like inventory levels and sales rates to indicate how your product is selling in stores.

Sent when the retailer wants to revise the original Purchase Order.

Provides updates like new store openings or new distribution centers, and may also be used to quickly alert vendors about document errors.

Informs the supplier that an EDI document, or group of EDI documents, was received.

Suppliers to Retail Trading Partners




Technically not EDI documents, but too important to the process to leave out. In addition to standard information (Supplier Address, Trading Partner Address, etc.), they have barcodes to route the shipment through the supply chain. The barcode will match the information in the ASN and is used by the Trading Partner to add your merchandise to their inventory. They can be generated automatically in Lingo.

Requests routing information from the retailer.

Provides details for payment, along with related information such as item specifics, price, and quantities. The EDI 880 is used in Grocery.

A digital catalog of product information and prices that includes minimum order quantities, case-pack quantities, contact information, etc.

Communicates current inventory levels. Depending on the retailer requirements, it may be sent a few times a week, multiple times in a day, or only when items are being added or removed. Can include inventory amounts, committed inventory, inventory that is currently in transit, items on backorder, products that are temporarily or permanently out of stock, and information related to returns.

Tracks current retailer inventory and sales rates.

The PO Acknowledgement. This is how you tell the trading partner, “Hey, I got your PO.” You don’t have to tell them you’re doing your Happy Dance — you’re a professional business person, after all — but this form will indicate if you accept the PO, reject the PO, or accept the PO with changes.

The 856 is the Advance Shipping Notice, also referred to as the ASN or simply as The Shipment. There is a lot in this form — order information, carton serial numbers, types of packaging used, carrier information and more.

Acknowledges that the supplier has received a change to the original Purchase Order, and either accepts or rejects it.

Order Status Report


Updates retailer on current status of an order.

Informs the retailer that an EDI document or a group of EDI documents has been received.

Warehouse Documents




Sent to a warehouse or 3PL provider, authorizing a shipment to a retail trading partner.

Sent by suppliers to inform a warehouse/3PL provider that a transfer shipment has been sent.

Sent by  by a 3PL provider to inform a supplier that a stock transfer shipment has been received.

Transmitted by a warehouse or 3PL provider, indicating that a shipment has been sent.

Provides information about changes in inventory position, quantity, or status. Can be used by a warehouse or a supplier.

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