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Product Offering Guide

Lingo Product Offering

Learn more about the EDI and order processing capabilities of our robust platform.

Guide to Integrations

Integrate EDI and online orders for maximum efficiency.

Guide to NetSuite thumbnail

Guide to NetSuite Integration

Manage EDI and digital commerce data in and out of NetSuite.

In-House versus Full-Service EDI

Make an informed decision about using a full-service EDI
provider or managing it with an in-house team.

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QuickBooks Guide

Guide to QuickBooks Integration

Integrating EDI and online orders into your QuickBooks system is an
investment that will reward you quickly.

Using an API for EDI

Forget API versus EDI. And learn about the benefits of integrating EDI
with a powerful, robust API. Download our Overview to find out if it’s the right
choice for your company.

Guide using API for EDI
Guide to Amazon Thumbnail

Guide to Managing Amazon Orders

Make Amazon order processing as easy as Amazon shopping.

Guide to Acumatica EDI Integration

Manage EDI and digital commerce data in and out of Acumatica

Guide to Acumatica via EDI

Discover our integration solutions.

We’ll make it easy to work the way you want to work.

Integration thumbnail

Connect directly with shipping providers.

Ship products in less time and without costly mistakes.

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Integrate with QuickBooks.

Find out how Lingo, our software platform, works seamlessly with QuickBooks.

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Integrate with NetSuite.

Find out how Lingo, our software platform, works seamlessly with NetSuite.

NetSuite Integration Video

Find out how we helped this company.

Watch and see how we save our customers time and money.

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Levtex Casestudy

The Sheets Match: eZCom Integrates Lingo with Made4net for Levtex

Industry: Housewares

Beauty in a Heartbeat: eZCom Cuts BBI Order Processing from Days to Hours

Industry: Beauty

BBI Brand Case Study
Dutch Creative Brands Case Study

eZCom Delivers A Seamless Integration as Dutch Creative Brands USA Adds Channels

Industry: Housewares

Fat Brain Toys Develops an API Solution with eZCom to Manage Rapid Growth and Rising Order Volume

Industry: Toys & Games

Case Study for Fat Brain Toys

What is EDI?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and is the electronic communication of business transactions between suppliers and retailers. Purchase orders, confirmations, invoices, shipping updates — these and many other transactions can be handled by EDI.

Video thumbnail of EDI 101

Let’s talk about the basics. What does EDI do? Process orders, ship items, get paid.

Questions about EDI?

Typically, no. While a very small number of retailers require their vendors to use a specific EDI provider, most only require that your EDI solution complies with their specifications. Since Lingo offers the highest rate of compliance in the industry and has maps for a multitude of retailers, nearly all trading partners are happy to work with us.

The members of our customer service team are just what you’re looking for — EDI experts with deep, extensive knowledge. They’ll respond quickly to the challenges you encounter because they understand that in business, time is money. Every request is worked through until resolved, and we treat your issues like they are our own.

Data and information are precious, and we treat them that way. Your data is safe with us, protected from security breaches and with an infrastructure that is considered fully redundant. That’s tech-speak for backed up, both on-site and off.

Big. Really, really big.

Lingo has maps to hundreds of trading partners throughout North America and around the world. Major retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Neiman Marcus have had eZcom on their Preferred Supplier lists for many years. In the unlikely event your business requires a connection Lingo does not yet service, we can build a validated map for your company that ensures compliance with your trading partner.

Questions about our software solution—Lingo?

Lingo is our powerful, cloud-based software that makes the exchange of data and information with your retail trading partners easy and efficient. It’s built to automate order processing for EDI, online marketplaces and eCommerce stores, and is constantly updated with new features to meet the needs of our clients.

Whether you have two or two hundred trading partners, Lingo is fully scalable and can be customized to suit your specific needs. You can set parameters based on the unique needs of each trading relationship and the focus on automating tasks makes the growth of your business easier to manage.

Definitely. For starters, you’ll be using an interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate — so being tech-savvy is not required. Our Accelerated Document System not only saves time, it is easy to manage. Most importantly, the members of our Customer Service team are EDI experts who will tackle your issues with both patience and determination.

EDI Documents and Transaction Codes

EDI uses specific documents to exchange information—each one has a name and a numbered transaction code. There are several that are used almost universally, but not all retailers require the same documents. An expert EDI provider helps ensure that you meet the standards of your different trading partners.  Here are some of the most common EDI documents.

The 850 is a big one — it’s the Purchase Order. In other words, it’s the electronic document that gets the ball rolling. It means you have a sale — hooray for sales — and a seller wants your product or products. The 875 is simply a purchase order format preferred by grocery stores

The 856 is the Advance Shipping Notice, also referred to as the ASN or simply as The Shipment. There is a lot in this form — order information, carton serial numbers, types of packaging used, carrier information and more.

The EDI 810/880 (Invoice) is the electronic version of a paper invoice. The EDI 810 and EDI 880 serve the same purpose, but the EDI 880 is used in the Grocery category.

The EDI 810/880 helps streamline the supply chain—no need to fax, email or send an invoice with snail mail. Since retailers can easily integrate it into their system, the EDI 810 can also speed payment.

Along with details for payment, the EDI 810/880 provides some related history such as specific items, price, and quantities delivered.

An automated document that informs the supplier and the retail trading partner that an EDI transaction, or a group of EDI transactions, was completed. You may consider it redundant, like wearing a belt with suspenders, but EDI is all about making sure nothing trips up the supply chain.

The EDI 940 (Warehouse Shipping Order) is transmitted to a warehouse or 3PL provider by the supplier, authorizing a shipment to a retail trading partner.

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