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Lingo RESTful API

We can help you automate EDI and online order processing for you and your customers.

Do you want to use an API for EDI? What data do you want to automate and synchronize? How should you manage incoming Shopify, Walmart or Amazon orders? How about processing and packing shipments? No matter what kind of EDI, online marketplace, or eCommerce tasks you want to integrate and automate, our developers have the power to do it easily with the clear documentation of the Lingo API.

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Code in your Preferred Language

With code samples in multiple languages and numerous examples for each class object, we make it easy to start building your API EDI integration. And if you can’t find the sample you need, just let us know — our team will be happy to help you with a solution.

Get Clear Documentation

Top-level, functional, and technical documentation is essential to successful integrations. Our API is well-documented, and delivers what you need to quickly create a system to manage EDI, online marketplace, and eCommerce store orders.

Test in a Sandbox Account

No need to use 3rd Party APIs during testing — our sandbox account provides a self-contained, virtual environment that replicates the live Lingo production environment and lets you begin testing early.

Work with our API Pros

Our experts can review technical challenges with you, and discuss how they can be addressed with our APIs. Get the architecture guidance you want, along with references to help seamlessly integrate your existing system with our EDI, online marketplace, and eCommerce order solutions.

Gain Access to Advanced Features

It’s more than a custom API — manage orders with powerful tools, whether it’s for EDI integration, online marketplaces, or eCommerce stores. Process hundreds of orders at once, print labels efficiently, virtually eliminate errors and stay compliant through multiple validation checks, and more.

Choose to Partner With Us

If you’re a technology provider, introduce EDI and online order management to the services you offer clients with the Lingo API. It integrates easily into your existing software suite.

Want to use an API for EDI? Talk to us about our solution.