We’re experts in EDI and online order management. So you don’t have to be.

Helping suppliers build strong relationships for more than 20 years.

Life is Easier with eZCom

Yes, EDI and online order processing is complex. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

You have a business to grow, customer relationships to manage, and new opportunities to review. That’s why our EDI and online order processing expertise is so valuable—it saves you time so you can focus on the work you love. We’ll maintain compliance with your retail trading partners, connect orders from online marketplaces and your eCommerce store, or integrate with the system that powers your business—an ERP, accounting software, a WMS. After all, you’re in the business of selling products, not managing EDI and online orders.

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The eZCom Advantage

Quick & Easy Setup

Many trading partners and prebuilt maps are already established, and our dedicated specialists are ready to get you up and running quickly.

A Single Platform to Process Everything

Connect with all your trading partners and integrate your ERP/business systems, marketplaces and shipping platforms.

Unmatched Support

We have some of the most experienced professionals in the industry on our team. We really listen to your needs and deliver solutions that work. And we’re genuinely nice people.

Our Lingo software

keeps your orders moving.

  • Automation

    Human beings are, well, human. With less manual entry, costly errors are prevented.

  • Batch Processing

    Quickly create and process hundreds of documents, such as ASNs and Invoices, without repetitive, manual data entry. What once took hours can now be done in seconds.

  • UPS/FedEx Connector

    Streamline the shipping process — connect with FedEx and UPS within Lingo to sharply reduce manual entry and save you hours of time.

  • Drop Ship

    Need to ship direct-to-consumer or direct-to-store? We make it easy and cost-efficient.

  • ERP Integration

    ERPs, Accounting software, WMSs, Shipping providers, and more — our Lingo software works seamlessly with your back-end systems.

  • Multiple Packing Options

    No matter what you need to ship, we have a solution to pack it.

“The experience that I have with Lingo is customer service at its finest. In particular, I have been working a lot with the customer service representative. He has gone above and beyond to help walk me through the process.  I have been in retail for 43 years and many of companies would give all they have to have the type of customer service that Lingo gives.”

Patrick G.President of Sales, Deepa Gurnani

“This software option allows us to offer and utilize EDI without having the keep in house software and IT Tech support. Lingo takes care of it all and their phone support is always extremely helpful, especially with techy items that are hard to understand. They walk you through anything!”

Jessica B.Director of Finance and Administration
“Lingo is great to work with in every aspect. And the support that eZCom provides is fantastic. The ease of using the software in Lingo is great. It’s functionality is great overall. I like the fact that when you receive an order you do that order from start to finish in Lingo.”
Lori B.Logistics coordinator, USA/Premier Pan

You keep building your business. Talk to us about handling EDI and order processing.