Grow your client base. Scale your business. Supercharge your revenue.

From VARs and tech partners to developers and service providers, enterprises that partner with eZCom gain access to a professional EDI platform, powerful APIs and elite expertise and support.

Why partner with eZCom?

One platform to process everything

With eZCom’s award-winning EDI platform, Lingo, you can connect all of your trading partners and integrate your ERP, marketplaces and shipping platforms.

Cleaner data. Fewer logins.

Level up your offering

Adding EDI processing strengthens your product backbone and opens up new revenue streams with existing and new customers alike.

Be the one-stop shop.

Quick setup, unmatched support

With hundreds of trading partners, prebuilt maps and dedicated, and U.S.-based setup and support specialists, it’s beyond easy to get your customers up and running with eZCom.

Get started in days not weeks.

The Lingo Platform

  • Maps to thousands of trading partners
  • Work directly in our portal or automate data into another system
  • Process orders in large batches or set up end-to-end automations
  • Access built-in custom reports and document tagging 
  • Add shipping ad-ons, eCommerce connections and more
  • Use our authorized reseller programs to grow your business
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Person testing EDI documents on her computer while on the phone

RESTful API Partnerships

  • Automate EDI and online order processing
  • Code in your preferred language
  • Receive clear, straightforward documentation
  • Test in private sandbox environments
  • Get expert in-house support

Trusted by enterprises across the globe

Reviewed, tested, vetted

G2 awards