Manage EDI and digital commerce data in and out of NetSuite

Our thinking is out-of-the-box. Our NetSuite integrations are not.

Before we can offer solutions to your NetSuite EDI integration, we learn about your company and its supply chain. No two organizations are the same — neither are NetSuite EDI integrations.

That’s why our approach is 180º from cookie-cutter. During the Discovery Phase, our Integration Team will dig into your issues and get a solid understanding of your challenges. After that, we’ll build a custom solution to address them and add efficiency throughout your supply chain.

Do you want to learn more? Download Best Practices for NetSuite Integration to find out our approach to creating custom solutions, and learn the ways we tackled integrations for other companies.

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When orders are flying in from all over, make them land in NetSuite.

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As the retail landscape has evolved, so have our NetSuite integrations. While fast, error-free EDI transactions remain vital, it’s a multichannel world. So our Integration Team creates solutions that let you manage not only EDI but also orders from online marketplaces and your own eCommerce store. All that data is automatically merged into your NetSuite system, and our control panel lets you manage the information easily and accurately.

You run NetSuite. And we make orders run through it.

Before we offer solutions, we find out as much as possible about your operations and your supply chain needs. It’s our Discovery Phase, and it’s how our team develops a NetSuite integration plan that will be easy, efficient, and cost-effective.

We Make It Automatic.

Our NetSuite integration solutions merge information automatically, so you can eliminate tedious copy-and-paste tasks and heavy manual data entry. You can gather details from multiple platforms and sales channels while keeping your inventory and orders in sync. By automating so much work, you’ll also save time and cut costs — you can devote less staff time to EDI and order management while avoiding those costly chargebacks.

We Get Rid Of Errors.

Mistakes are, after all, human. We all make them. But that’s precisely why the automated transfer of data is so valuable. It eliminates the kind of mistakes that heavy manual entry can create while our validation checks prevent the transmission of documents when fields are inadvertently left vacant. Whats more, since our NetSuite integrations are built around the supply chain processes of your company that are already in place, they promote the seamless flow of information without causing significant disruption.

You Have Control.

We don’t do black box solutions. So if you ever encounter an issue, you can find the source of the problem and resolve it quickly. No more weeks spent waiting for a response to a ticket. With our integration solutions, you can work entirely in NetSuite, in the Lingo Control Panel, or in both. It’s up to you. You can also give special permission to important vendors like your 3PL that let them see all the information they need but nothing you don’t want to share.

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