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eZCom – Not Just For EDI

After nearly 20 years in the business, we’re not slowing down.

Since 2000, we’ve helped hundreds of clients handle EDI transactions with retailers, including nearly every major brick-and-mortar chain. While EDI brings great speed and efficiency to the trading process, it can also be overwhelming and time-consuming. For countless companies, we’ve been a remedy for that and a valued partner, freeing them to focus on growing sales and building their brands.

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A revolution in retail.

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Of course, if there is one constant in business, it’s change. And retailing, especially in recent years, has seen nothing short of a revolution. Just take a moment to think about what shopping was like for most people in 2000. And then consider what it’s like for the average consumer today. Heck, even if the only factor weighed was Amazon, the differences would be enormous.

That said, a key to our own enduring success has been our ability to respond quickly and offer solutions for a shifting retail landscape. Now, as Internet shopping explodes, we’re expanding the scope and range of our offerings for digital commerce.

You’ve got orders. We have solutions.

We already have countless features built into our Lingo software so our clients can meet all their order management needs, whether it’s traditional EDI transactions, sales through online marketplace giants like Amazon and eBay, or orders from eCommerce stores. And we’re constantly adding new ones, often based on feedback from the companies that rely on us.

Carol Weidner, our CEO, has said that, “…everyone is talking about multichannel. It’s the buzz word of the moment. While buzz words are fine, our focus has never changed — we want to make sure our clients are processing every order seamlessly and efficiently, no matter where it comes from.”

These days, the source of an order could be Jet, a Shopify-powered online store, or a big-box retailer, to name just a few. People can make purchase decisions practically anywhere, at any time. Sometimes, it’s the location that is most convenient —online or around the corner — or it could be where they find the shopping environment most appealing.

Among the new features in the Lingo suite are connectors specifically for Amazon orders, and tools that let suppliers easily integrate sales from any eCommerce store. By constantly enhancing our software, we’re making sure our clients have what they need to manage orders in less time and with fewer errors.

Integration with NetSuite, QuickBooks, OMS, QSSI, Skubana and a whole lot more.

While online shopping grabs all the headlines, the technology that drives operations is constantly evolving as well. That’s why we also make it easy to integrate our software into whatever system you already use to run your business – an ERP like Oracle’s NetSuite, accounting software like QuickBooks, a WMS, or inventory management software. Whatever you’re running, Lingo can run with it.

“With every update, we’re working to increase automation,” noted Weidner. “We all know that when information is easily merged within the supply chain, it reduces the errors that occur when tasks must be performed manually. It also saves an incredible amount of time.

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Doing more than just keeping up.

It’s one thing to adapt to the change that is underway. Here at eZCom, our aim is to always be one step ahead, arming our clients with the tools they need to ensure that managing orders is done efficiently and quickly. So while we launched as experts in EDI, and are still recognized as a leader in it, you can expect regular updates to our Lingo software so it can be a complete solution for all order management needs.

“They say the only constant is change,” continued Weidner. “Frankly, we find the challenges exciting, and we see opportunities in the expansion of our services.”