EDI 864

The EDI 864 (Text Message) is the electronic equivalent of the chat we do on other devices. It is intended to communicate information in words that humans can read, as opposed to computer processing that requires a translator.

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What’s in an EDI 864?

Originally intended to be used for quick, one-time exchanges, some companies have adopted the EDI 864 as a regular communications tool. It typically includes:

  • The written information in the text message
  • The date and time of the message
  • Information to identify the recipient

When is an EDI 864 typically issued?

The familiar nature of its text message format makes the EDI 864 popular. That also makes it flexible—it can be used for a range of notifications that are sent to suppliers or retailers. It is also frequently used when specific communication is required but there is no standard EDI document that is appropriate.

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