Questions about EDI?

If you’re new to EDI, you’ll probably have a few questions. And if you have experience with it, chances are you have questions about us. Here are answers to some of the most common ones — don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

My trading partner uses another EDI provider to perform EDI testing.  Does that mean I’m required to use that provider to trade with this retailer?

Typically, no. While a very small number of retailers require their vendors to use a specific EDI provider, most only require that your EDI solution complies with their specifications. Since Lingo offers the highest rate of compliance in the industry and has maps for a multitude of retailers, nearly all trading partners are happy to work with us.

What about customer service? We’re not EDI experts and we don’t get the help we need from our current provider. How is your customer support different?

The members of our customer service team are just what you’re looking for — EDI experts with deep, extensive knowledge. They’ll respond quickly to the challenges you encounter because they understand that in business, time is money. Every request is worked through until resolved, and we treat your issues like they are our own.

I like the convenience, savings, and real-time access of Lingo’s cloud-based solution. But how secure are my EDI documents and transaction history?

Data and information are precious, and we treat them that way. Your data is safe with us, protected from security breaches and with an infrastructure that is considered fully redundant. That’s tech-speak for backed up, both on-site and off.

What is your pricing model?

Obviously, cost is a factor in your EDI decision, and our competitive, multi-tiered pricing is why businesses of all sizes choose to work with us.  Please reach out to share your needs and we can find a package that makes sense for you.

How big is your community of trading partners?

Big. Really, really big.

Lingo has maps to hundreds of trading partners throughout North America and around the world. Major retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Neiman Marcus have had eZcom on their Preferred Supplier lists for many years. In the unlikely event your business requires a connection Lingo does not yet service, we can build a validated map for your company that ensures compliance with your trading partner.

Integrating our current EDI solution into our systems has been far from easy. Why will it be different with eZCom and Lingo?

We have a full suite of validation tools and provide custom onboarding to prevent EDI errors from leaking into your back-office system, and we maintain full integration across all platforms. Quite simply, Lingo gets along well with others, and we have experience working with all kinds of systems.

Chances are, dealing with supply chain challenges is not the reason you’re in business. But finding solutions and helping your business thrive is what we’re all about. Let’s start a conversation — call us at 201.731.1800 or complete our contact form today.