Frustrated with your current EDI solution?

No matter your current setup, switching to eZCom’s award-winning EDI platform, Lingo, is… well… it’s easy.

  • Lingo maps to thousands of trading partners globally
  • A dedicated U.S.-based setup specialist to make switching to Lingo effortless
  • Maintain all of your existing orders when you migrate to Lingo

Why Lingo?

Lingo simplifies EDI, strengthens your retailer relationships and saves you time and money.

What’s not to like?


From startups to Fortune 500s, thousands of brands have been trusting Lingo to handle their EDI for over 20 years.


Lingo integrates with major shipping providers, ERPs, WMSs, accounting systems, online marketplaces, and more. You can even build your own integrations with our Restful API.


Avoid chargebacks with double validation checks to reduce errors and ensure compliance with each and every retailer’s unique requirements.

5 stars

I’ve worked with three other EDI providers over my 13 years selling retail. None were as good as eZCom. And the eZCom team is always quick to answer the phone anytime I call.

Jon M.

Features and Benefits

Integrated. Customizable. Powered by people.

Lingo turns how you EDI into a competitive advantage.

  • Global Compatibility

    Built and maintained to comply with X12 and EDIFACT, the internationally recognized EDI file standards.

  • Retailer Mapping

    Our in-house mapping team makes regular updates to maintain compliance and prevent errors that lead to chargebacks.

  • All Channels

    Process orders from any sales channel—EDI, online marketplaces, an eCommerce store—the same way each time.

  • User Access Rights

    Grant special permissions to important vendors providing the information they need while keeping other data confidential.

  • Document Tags

    Ensure that all users, warehouse staff and your 3PL provider can easily see order statuses as they move through the system and that remaining steps are clear to all parties.

  • Reporting

    Generate dozens of custom reports such as total numbers of a single SKU across multiple orders, details on invoices or shipments within a specific time period, items shipped to a specific store or distribution center, quantities that have been shipped or quantities that need to be shipped for one or multiple orders.

  • Item Carton Maintenance

    Specify important information such as UPCs, item weights, pack size, price and size runs.

  • Batch Processing

    Move hundreds of EDI documents at once in just a few clicks.

  • Validation Checks

    Prevent chargebacks with built-in and custom validation checks.

  • Communication Protocols

    Compliant with all EDI document exchange protocols including VAN, API, FTP, SFTP, and more.

  • Inventory

    Inventory reporting options include the EDI 846 to send in-stock updates to trading partners, EDI FTP uploads through third-party portals such as Dsco, CommerceHub, or Radial, and updates through integrated systems including ERP, accounting software, or WMS.

  • Training & Support

    Our in-house, U.S.-based customer support team and training offerings ensure maximum ROI.

5 stars

eZCom has supported our growth tremendously, providing fast and efficient development—even proactively reaching out to our resellers to set up connections. There hasn’t been a reseller they weren’t able to onboard. They truly take their customers’ needs into account and always provide solutions.

Catherine Z.
Sales Ops Manager

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