Use the power of Lingo software

to manage all your orders — EDI and eCommerce.

The real measure of an EDI provider is the software that drives its services. At eZCom, our Lingo application is not only robust and intuitive, new features are constantly being added by our development team. Many of these are done because we talk to our customers, and the updates are created to meet their evolving needs.

While Lingo is a powerhouse for EDI transactions, its utility does not stop there. As the retail environment has evolved, Lingo has adapted — it lets you easily integrate orders from online marketplaces, including Amazon Seller Central, Shopify,, and more. With Lingo, you’ll have a single portal that gives you control over your business.

Lingo delivers more features because we want to help you spend less time managing orders. When you’re growing a business, every minute counts. Features like batch processing and automatic validation checks reduce manual data entry and prevent errors that lead to costly chargebacks. And mistakes do more than cost you money — they damage lucrative retail relationships.

With Lingo, you’ll have complete control over your orders and be confident that they are being processed efficiently.