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EDI for Amazon Vendor Central Made Easy

Amazon Vendor Central

Suppliers that become Amazon Vendor Central sellers need to meet the very specific requirements of the dominant online retailer. Error-free, fully compliant EDI will not only prevent costly chargebacks, it will lead to more business because you’ll be trusted to deliver products when and how they are expected. Lingo, our intuitive software backed by an expert customer support team, uses automation to reduce manual data entry, runs validation checks to prevent mistakes, connects directly to FedEx and UPS for shipping, and makes it easy to create Amazon-specific labels. Whether you need to ship a wholesale order to an Amazon distribution center or ship an item direct-to-consumer through Amazon Vendor Express, you can be confident transactions will be completed according to Amazon standards.

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No More Missed Connections

The integration team at eZCom can connect your EDI transactions to the systems you rely on to operate your business, creating valuable efficiencies that will save you time and money. Whether it’s an ERP like NetSuite, accounting software like QuickBooks, a WMS, inventory software, communications with a 3PL — our Lingo software is designed to connect data and the people working with it. When you need to ship, you can connect directly to FedEx and UPS to create labels. It’s also a custom fit— we’ll learn how you work and what you need before integrating our application. Finally,  after you’re up and running, we’ll  ensure compliance by constantly updating the mapping for all your trading partners, including Amazon.  

Amazon Vendor Central Drop Ship Solutions

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When an order requires a direct-to-consumer shipment, Lingo makes it easy, efficient, and ensures that it complies with Amazon standards. Connect directly to FedEx and UPS, and use the order information to automatically create shipping labels. Tracking data is instantly added to all relevant EDI documents, from ASNs to Invoices, and all the information related to the order can be merged into your ERP or into accounting software like QuickBooks. Finally, if you work with a 3PL, you can provide a secure, order-specific login that allows the provider to get the information they need to complete the shipment, without giving them access to anything else.  

Integration for Amazon

Amazon and Lingo on desktop

Our integration team can make managing Amazon — no matter how you sell and complete fulfillment on it— easier. By connecting to an ERP like NetSuite or accounting software like QuickBooks, you’ll be able to migrate data automatically and dramatically reduce manual entry. That means fewer errors and less valuable time spent managing transactions. Find out more about integration and how it can help make your company more efficient and profitable. 

Be Ready for Growth


When your business grows, orders will increase and be generated from more trading partners. That could mean large volume with retailers who rely on EDI to process transactions. Suppliers that are already working with eZCom to manage their Amazon orders are well-positioned to handle these new demands — we have been providing EDI services to clients of all sizes since 2000. That means you’ll be able to scale up as your needs grow, and work through a portal that automatically connects orders from all your trading partners. 

It automates. It validates. It integrates.

You have clients and technology partners who demand you work a very specific way. Their way.

Our software understands that. You see, Lingo is not only powerful, it’s adaptable because it’s software without an ego.

Whether you choose to use our portal, your own API, or an ERP from another technology partner, Lingo knows how to get along with all of them including, for instance, a few that aren’t really known for being friendly.

EDI Integrations

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