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Stay in Brightpearl. Get EDI orders out.


You‘re growing and need to handle EDI, but you run your business on Brightpearl.

Relax. Our software runs with it.

Our Lingo application integrates seamlessly with the Brightpearl software you already rely on.

Merge now.

Bring all your transactions together in Brightpearl, including EDI.

When you launched your company with online sales, Brightpearl was the software you chose to manage it all. It’s been a great choice and helped fuel your growth. Now that your company has matured, your roster of retail partners is expanding and many of them require EDI for order management.

Sure, you could try to handle EDI separately, or even work with an application that is for EDI only. If that’s not appealing, and it’s easy to see why it wouldn’t be, we offer a solution that lets you merge EDI transactions into your existing system.

With Lingo working  behind the scenes in Brightpearl, connections are seamless and straightforward, allowing you to keep your inventory information up-to-date and your accounting under control. It also automates transactions to reduce the errors manual entry can create.

You’ll be able to exchange data seamlessly, without switching back-and-forth between applications. That makes it easier to stay compliant with your Trading Partners and able to meet their exacting demands, ensuring that important business relationships remain healthy and productive.

Integrated EDI is not only important, it’s vital as your business grows. With Lingo from eZCom and Brightpearl functioning together, you can expect accurate inventory and accounting updates across all your sales channels.

EDI and eCommerce Transactions

The Power to Process

eZCom integrates with Brightpearl
Integrate with UPS and FedEx

Connect to UPS and FedEx to create shipping labels — without leaving the application you’re using.

Automate and Validate

Automation is built into our software, and validation checks detect errors before data is sent.

Do the Drop Ship

Whether you have to ship direct-to-consumer or direct-to-store, you can stay on top of it all with Lingo connected to Brightpearl.

Batch Processing

Speed thrills — send multiple documents with just a few key strokes.

Whether EDI or eCommerce, we power transactions.

As your business grows, so do your sales channels. You’ve always sold your products online, but success means you’re adding new retail partners and many of them use EDI.

Fact is, you’ll sell more products when customers can find them in more places. We have years of experience in EDI and we also work with the major ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, Jet, Amazon Seller Central and Walmart Marketplace. That’s why we’re such a great choice for Brightpearl users — we can seamlessly integrate EDI transactions into the software you have used to build your business. We get the details — and no matter what kind of order process you need to handle, we can make sure it’s done efficiently and without errors.

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