Custom-Branded Packing Slips

Why do I need them?

Most retailers who want suppliers to ship direct-to-consumer also request custom-branded packing slips to create a seamless experience for shoppers.

What is included in them?

Custom-branded packing slips will, of course, vary according to the individual specfications of each retailer. They typically include the retailer logo with placement in the correct location on the packing slip, defined information fields, and details such as a corporate address or instructions for returns.

Macy's custom packing slip

How will I know if the packing slip meets the requirements?

Retailers will ask for a sample before you begin direct-to-consumer shipping.

Does eZCom have templates for each retailer?

We have created custom-branded packing slips for a wide range of retailers — there’s a very good chance we already have the template ready to go for your trading partner. If we don’t, we’ll develop it at no additional cost.