EDI 856

The EDI 856 is also referred to as the Advance Ship Notice (ASN). Within the Lingo platform, it is called the Shipment to clarify communications between the supplier and the warehouse.

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What’s in an EDI 856 (ASN)?

An EDI 856 or Advance Ship Notice (ASN) typically includes the following information:

  • Order information such as the Purchase Order number
  • Tracking numbers and shipping provider information
  • Quantities and item specifics
  • Packing information, including related barcodes

When is an EDI 856 typically issued?

The EDI 856 or Advance Ship Notice (ASN) is sent when items are packed and picked up by the shipping provider. Retail trading partners typically require it before the goods arrive.

What makes the EDI 856 valuable?

The EDI 856 or Advance Ship Notice (ASN) transmits detailed information related to a pending delivery. The EDI 856 notifies the retail trading partner that a shipment is on the way, provides details related to the shipment, and prepares the buyer to accept delivery.

In the Lingo platform, the EDI 856 can be automated, based on settings established by the user. An automated EDI 856 saves time and helps prevent errors because it uses information that is already in the system. Transmitting an EDI 856 is an important element of compliance—automating it through Lingo ensures that it is sent in a timely manner.

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