EDI 943

The EDI 943 is the Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipping Advice. Suppliers or manufacturers send it to notify a 3PL that a transfer shipment has been sent.

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What’s in an EDI 943?

The EDI 943 is intended to inform the 3PL about a shipment but will usually include:

  • Product number, quantity, unit of measure, and other information specific to the item that has been shipped
  • Supplier or manufacturer information
  • Name of shipping provider
  • Address where shipment originated
  • Date of shipment
  • Address and identification information about the warehouse receiving the shipment

When is an EDI 943 typically issued?

The EDI 943 is sent when the supplier or manufacturer ships the inventory transfer to the 3PL. Occasionally, a supplier will use the EDI 943 to authorize the 3PL to accept a return from a retailer. 

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