You can’t change EDI.
But you can change your EDI software.

The people behind your EDI software should be as robust and intuitive as the software itself.

Spending too much time on EDI? Facing chargebacks? Not getting the support you need? It’s time for a better software provider.

Since EDI is a standardized data format, it’s easy to imagine that every EDI solution must be the same. They aren’t, and if you aren’t satisfied, ask yourself this question: should I change my EDI provider?

Evaluate the platform you rely on right now. Is the Customer Support team available when you need them? Does the software automate tasks to save time and prevent errors? Can you process all your orders—EDI and eCommerce—in the same way?

If you answer No to any of these questions, let’s talk. We transform EDI from a requirement into a true competitive advantage.

Discover how easy it is make the switch — talk to an eZCom representative today. 

Take the work out of EDI. So you have more time to work on everything else.

“Lingo — especially compared to other options — streamlines order entry to the point of being effortless! We were able to customize integrations that not only make fulfillment easy but also avoid chargebacks from customers. It removes the human error factor so nothing is forgotten. Acknowledgements, Labels, Invoices—everything is automated.”

Jennifer E, MU Kitchen

More Than Just EDI

System Integrations

Lingo is not only a powerful EDI solution, it integrates with the system that powers your business. ERPs, accounting software, WMS—our team will make EDI and order processing a seamless part of your overall supply chain.

Shipping Connections

Connect directly to all major shipping providers, including FedEx, UPS, and USPS, without leaving the Lingo platform. It saves time, and the automated transfer of data eliminates errors.

Online Order Integration

Process all your orders the same way, whether they are wholesale EDI transactions, purchases on your own eCommerce store, or sales from online marketplaces like Amazon and Wayfair.

Ready to streamline your workflow and automate tedious work? Let’s talk.