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Phone: (201) 731- 1800 Option 1 


(877) 765 – 3564

Email: [email protected]   


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About eZCom

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For suppliers that trade with us through EDI, eZCom is a recommended, cloud-based software provider. Their Lingo platform is easy-to-use, can be scaled up without major system infrastructure investment, and makes it simple for suppliers to meet order requirements. A dedicated eZCom Project Manager will create a tailored solution that’s ideal for your company and the business you do with us.

Lingo integrates with most internal systems, including ERPs, Accounting, Inventory, and WMS software. It connects directly with UPS and FedEx to create labels, offers batch processing to save you valuable time, and makes it easy to complete direct-to-consumer shipping through CommerceHub, DSCO, and Radial.

To learn more about managing EDI transactions with eZCom, call eZCom at 201-731-1800 or email [email protected]

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eZCom Contacts

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Adele Rosenblum
Strategic Sales Manager

[email protected]
(201) 731-1801

Patti Wolkstein
Director, Sales and Marketing

[email protected]