EDI Connector for Fusion Transport

Elevate your logistics operations with our advanced EDI integrations, designed specifically for businesses utilizing Fusion Transport.

If your company relies on the robust capabilities of Fusion Transport for 3PL services, integrating a compatible and efficient EDI platform is key to unlocking even greater efficiency and accuracy in your operations.

Our EDI solution, Lingo from eZCom, is expertly crafted to complement and enhance your experience with Fusion Transport.

By choosing eZCom as your EDI provider, you seamlessly integrate with Fusion Transport, transforming your logistics operations into a pinnacle of efficiency. Our solution automates EDI transactions, drastically reducing the risks of manual data entry errors. Enjoy a fluid data exchange process that allows you to focus on core business activities without the hassle of switching between different applications. This streamlined approach not only ensures compliance with your Trading Partners but also fortifies your essential business relationships.

As your company grows, the need for a sophisticated, integrated EDI solution becomes more pronounced. Selecting Lingo to work alongside your Fusion Transport system is a decision to scale smartly. Ensure that your logistics operations continue to run smoothly, efficiently, and in tandem with your business growth, keeping your supply chain robust and responsive.

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Custom Integration Capabilities: Our In-House Team Expertly Connects Systems Using a Variety of Methods


Lingo’s RESTful API which contains webhooks, is the primary data transfer method utilized for all integrations.


Lingo enhances WMS and 3PL connections by efficiently utilizing key warehouse documents such as the 940 and 945, ensuring a more streamlined and effective integration.

Direct Shipping

With Lingo connected to the 3PL’s platform, you can stay on top of direct-to-consumer and direct-to-store shipping.

If you need to streamline and automate your data – reach out and we will be happy to listen and help build the perfect solution for your brand