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eZCom New Label Pricing

effective: 5/20/2019


Ordering GS1-128 labels from eZCom:

No volume requirements. This option may be used to order any number of labels.

  •  $.25 per label / $15.00 service fee per request.
  •  We will ship your labels via UPS or FedEx – you choose the shipping priority (must have UPS or FedEx account number). 
  • Label orders that are received by 3:00pm ET are printed and shipped the same day

Web-Printing – For Laser printer or Thermal Printer:

This option recommended for in-house printing.

Choose the Volume plan that’s right for you.

$25/mo, all available retailers, limited to 400/labels per print job.

$50/mo, all available retailers, limited to 2000/labels per print job.

$100/mo, all available retailers, no limit. 

  • This option is not available for all Trading Partners
  • Label format is based on your Trading Partner’s specifications.  Special modifications are not available.
  • This option may be used to print on 4” x 6” Thermal Print label stock, OR on two different types of laser paper stock:

          Barcode Graphics BC-04LGL Premium label stock (4 labels, 8 ½” x 14”) is preferred:

                        Click here for Bar Code Graphics BC-04LGL labels

          U-Line label stock (4 labels,8 ½” x 14”) can also be used:

                        Click here for U-Line S-5492 labels

* Unlimited printing applies when ASNs are printed individually. Certain limits are still placed on ASNs printed from the outbox. User may be asked to print ASNs that contain a large number of cartons separately.

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