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eZCom New Label Pricing

effective: 5/20/2019

Ordering GS1-128 labels from eZCom:

No volume requirements. This option may be used to order any number of labels.

  •  $.25 per label / $15.00 service fee per request.
  •  We will ship your labels via UPS or FedEx – you choose the shipping priority (must have UPS or FedEx account number). 
  • Label orders that are received by 3:00pm ET are printed and shipped the same day

Web-Printing – For Laser printer or Thermal Printer:

This option recommended for in-house printing.

Choose the Volume plan that’s right for you.

$25/mo, all available retailers, limited to 400/labels per print job.

$50/mo, all available retailers, limited to 2000/labels per print job.

$100/mo, all available retailers, no limit. 

  • This option is not available for all Trading Partners
  • Label format is based on your Trading Partner’s specifications.  Special modifications are not available.
  • This option may be used to print on 4” x 6” Thermal Print label stock, OR on two different types of laser paper stock:

 Barcode Graphics BC-04LGL Premium label stock (4 labels, 8 ½” x 14”) is preferred:

  Click here for Bar Code Graphics BC-04LGL labels

 U-Line label stock (4 labels,8 ½” x 14”) can also be used:

    Click here for U-Line S-5492 labels

* Unlimited printing applies when ASNs are printed individually. Certain limits are still placed on ASNs printed from the outbox. User may be asked to print ASNs that contain a large number of cartons separately.

Bartender Label Printing

Option 3: BarTender Label Printing Software by Seagull Scientific:

(This option recommended for high volume in-house printing)

Bartender Support

Bartender Label Support (1-19 TPs) – $35

Bartender Label Support (20+ TPs) – $70

Custom template pricing – $250

  • Lingo was designed to work with BarTender label printing software produced by Seagull Scientific –
  • The current version is BarTender Version 2016.
  • An Automation Edition is required.
  • The Professional Edition and Basic editions be used with Lingo.
  • We are resellers for Seagull Scientific products and can order any version required.
  • Thermal printer – required as it will heat set the label.
  • Automation 3-printer edition (required)
  • Versions are based on maximum number of printers to be used at a ‘site

If you are using one of the approved BarTender versions to print labels from Lingo, this monthly fee covers the following:

Assistance if –

  • your company installs a new or different printer or PC
  • your company wishes to print labels from an additional PC or printer
  • your company installs a new version of BarTender
  • your computer or hard drive fails, crashes, or becomes corrupt causing you to re-install your template and/or registry script
  • your Trading Partner(s) change or update their label specifications

Going forward we will provide custom template support to only those customers using a current version of Bartender Software. We are making this decision to align ourselves with Seagull Scientific, the publisher of the Bartender Software, and to ensure that the version of Bartender you are using is reliable and fully functional. Please see the below link to Seagull Scientific for a full list of software versions and their Seagull Scientific support status. Please note that version 10.1 will sunset as of November 1 of this year and users will need to upgrade to Version 2016 or the “soon to be” released 2019.

Questions? Reach out!