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With its flagship cloud offerings, ECGrid, Community Portals, and Transformation-as-a-Service, Loren Data delivers a world-class, self-service, unified messaging platform for eCommerce service providers (ECSPs), SaaS solution providers and large volume Hubs to transact business with trading partners through VANs, other ECSPs, and directly with a single connection.

eZCom Software is a Loren Data partner, serving as one of its trusted EDI providers. Recently, Loren Data came to eZCom with the opportunity to provide EDI services to vendors of a retail client that happened to be one of the world’s largest luxury eCommerce destinations. 


When this luxury ecommerce retailer engaged us for vendor enablement, we obviously thought of eZCom, a long-time partner of Loren Data. There is strong mutual trust and our culture and values are very similar. In addition, eZCom’s approach to EDI is as much about great technology as it is providing excellent service and support.” 

Tony D’Angelo
Chief Strategy Officer, Loren Data

Composed of vendors big and small, the retailer needed a flexible EDI solution driven by a nimble, responsive team. And instead of dealing with the extra time it takes to test an EDI solution for each vendor, Loren Data and the retailer wanted to provide a pre-tested solution to expedite on-boarding. 

Vendors could go live almost immediately with the confidence that Loren Data and eZCom Software provided the best solution.

Working with Loren Data, the eZCom development team built, tested and deployed an EDI solution for the luxury eCommerce site’s vendors.


It’s been a tremendous partnership. The Loren Data team is supremely good at what they do and they don’t compete against their partners. They know that there’s strength in collaboration and like us, they truly believe in doing what’s best for the customer.” 

Carol Weidner
Chief Executive Officer, eZCom Software

About eZCom

A leading provider of electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions, eZCom Software supports thousands of suppliers and their retailer relationships, ensuring accuracy, compliance and efficiency. Backed by an in-house development team and on-site, U.S.-based customer support, eZCom’s flagship platform, Lingo, is easy to set up, seamlessly integrates with existing business systems and enables custom automations to save suppliers time and money.

Learn more about eZCom Software. Visit, email [email protected] or call 201-731-1800, Option 1.