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If you rely on OMS, count on us for EDI.

Integrate your OMS with our EDI.

Get faster order processing. Faster payment. Basically, faster everything.

With OMS and eZCom handling EDI, expect a lot more efficiency. Along with some office high-fives.

To drive your wholesale business forward,

fuel your OMS with our EDI.

If you rely on Office Master System to manage your wholesale distribution business, you want an EDI platform that makes connections seamless and straightforward, allowing you to keep your inventory information up-to-date and your accounting under control.

Lingo from eZCom does that. And more.

Together with Office Master System, you’ll be able to exchange data seamlessly without switching back-and-forth between applications. You can create shipping labels and integrate with UPS and FedEx. And you’ll get accurate inventory and accounting updates. It all works to improve compliance with Trading Partners and enhance your most important business relationships.

Integrated EDI is not only important, it’s vital as your business grows. With our Lingo software operating within the Office Master System you and your team already use, your company can manage transactions more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

EDI and eCommerce Transactions

The Power to Process


Thanks to the power of Lingo, you can create UPS and FedEx shipping labels without leaving Office Master System.


Automation is built into our software, and validation checks detect errors before data is sent.


Doing more direct-to-consumer and direct-to-store shipping? With Lingo running in the OMS Module, you can stay on top of it.


Speed thrills — send multiple documents with just a few key strokes.

Whether it’s EDI or digital commerce, we power transactions.

The distribution business is constantly evolving and, chances are, you’re shipping orders that originate from all kinds of different sales channels. Today, your customers are moving products not simply through traditional retail outlets but also on their own eCommerce stores and online marketplaces — Shopify, Amazon Seller Central, Walmart Marketplace,, and more. If it’s a channel that generates sales, they want their products on it.

Just like with EDI, you need to prevent errors and ensure the timely distribution of goods. Fact is, our vast experience in EDI means we have the kind of expertise that will make all the difference when completing ecommerce transactions. We sweat the details — and no matter what kind of order you need to process, we can make sure it’s done efficiently, quickly, and accurately.

Let’s talk about making order management easier.