EDI 852

This is the Product Activity Data form, providing an update on Point-of-Sale data and sent from the retailer to the supplier. It is valuable to suppliers because it can help forecast sales and compare history from different periods or across various regions.

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What’s in an EDI 852?

  • The amounts held by the retailer—their inventory
  • The amounts that have been ordered by the retailer but are not yet in their inventory
  • Sales numbers in dollars
  • Sales numbers in units
  • The number of returns, when applicable

When is an EDI 852 typically issued?

Unlike most documents, the EDI 852 can be scheduled in order to share the data that assists both the supplier and the retailer manage their supply chains.

Many retailers will send the EDI 852 on a regular schedule, while others will use it when certain milestones are reached.

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