EDI Documents: The 855

EDI 855

What is the EDI 855?

If you’re a supplier using EDI to trade with retailers, one of the documents you may use is the EDI 855. This transaction set, called the Purchase Order Acknowledgement, is what vendors send to confirm that a Purchase Order—the EDI 850— has been received.

What information is in the EDI 855?

With the EDI 855, there is no need to call or email to confirm that an order has been received. It is also used to let the retailer know if the order was accepted, if changes will be made to the order, or if the order was rejected. The EDI 855 could communicate:

EDI 855
  • Order Accepted —this means you’re all set and ready to fulfill the order.
  • Order Rejected—this means you don’t have the inventory available, you have discontinued this product, etc.
  • Order Accepted with Changes—this means you will complete the order but with slight differences. You could accept all the line items but change the freight or cash terms. You could revise or reject one or more of the line items in the Purchase Order but not make any Header-Level changes. Or you could make Header-Level changes, while also rejecting or changing one or more line items.

Should I use the EDI 855 to let a buyer know when items will be in stock?

The EDI 855 does not require that you indicate the availability of your product or products. Of course, it makes sense that if the item is on back order and there is demand for it, you let the client know when you expect to have it in stock again.

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