EDI 997

The EDI 997 is the Functional Acknowledgment or FA. It is sent to confirm that an EDI document has been accepted or rejected. Acceptance does not indicate an agreement to the terms in the document—the EDI 997 only acknowledges that the document was received.

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What’s in an EDI 997?

The EDI 997 confirms the receipt of a transaction set but does not signal agreement or disagreement on the terms. Information in the EDI 997 can include:

  • Date and time document was accepted or rejected
  • Notifications about formatting errors or data loss in a document that was transmitted

When is an EDI 997 typically issued?

The EDI 997 is sent as an acknowledgment whenever an EDI document is received. It informs the recipient that the initial communication has been either accepted or rejected. Confirmation that the document was received, however, does not indicate that the terms were accepted. The EDI 997 is an efficient way to alert all parties to errors or potential problems, and resolve them before they become serious issues.

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