Transactions with Walmart Seller Central made so easy,

it’s like you have a greeter.

Walmart Seller Central orders can come in fast.

Lingo lets you manage them at full speed.

Your Walmart Seller Central (Marketplace) orders are on the rise. That’s great news — except you’re struggling to keep up and managing these orders is taking up more and more of your valuable time. You need to get your Walmart transactions under control and integrate this growing, selective platform into your internal system.

Our Lingo software can be the portal that connects your business, both internally and externally. Need to get orders from Walmart Seller Central into Quickbooks or other accounting software? Lingo can do that. Want to integrate Walmart Marketplace with your API? Lingo can do that. How would you like to process all your orders through the same hub, and prepare shipping labels in an instant? Yes, Lingo lets you do that, too.

Bringing order to your orders — Walmart Seller Central, EDI, or just about any other platform or channel — is our business. And it can help grow yours.

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Walmart connected to eZCom

Making order management a seamless component of your operation is what we do at eZCom.  Our Lingo software is easily integrated into your backend accounting system, allowing you to manage Walmart Marketplace transactions along with orders from all your other sales channels.  To save you time and reduce mistakes, Lingo connects directly to FedEx and UPS, allowing you to create shipping labels without leaving the application. Pertinent information is automatically transferred to your labels, so a task that once took hours is reduced to seconds. With multiple built-in validation checks, errors can easily be avoided.  Whether you’re shipping direct-to-customer, to a single store, or sending large orders to multiple locations, you can manage all your shipments directly through Lingo.  We provide a powerful portal that puts you in control of the entire process.

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