Using Web-Based Printing

The Basics

First, what are the advantages of web-based printing?

Instead of installing expensive software on a dedicated hard drive, web-based printing makes it easy for companies to generate labels from any computer that is connected to the internet.

Packaged box

How do I use Lingo for web-based printing?

While in Lingo, you simply create a PDF version of your labels. Download the PDF and then choose to print the labels yourself or route them directly to your warehouse for printing.

We make it easy to add new trading partners and we make updates whenever a retailer changes their GS1-128 label specifications.

Who should use web-based printing?

Unless you need highly-customized labels, a cloud-based solution is a smart choice. In fact, the vast majority of our clients rely on our web-based printing services for this task. Not only is it economical, most find it is far simpler as well. All you have to do is generate the PDF, download it, and choose a printing method.

I use BarTender now but would like to move from desktop label printing software to a web-based solution. Is that an easy switch?

Absolutely. Moving to web-based printing is easy because generating labels with PDFs is so straightforward. There’s no software to download and there’s no upfront investment in equipment. If you want to make the switch, we’ll make the change a painless one.