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Amazon Vendor Central or Amazon Seller Central

One platform for both.

There’s more than one way to sell on Amazon.

Amazon Seller Central (FBM)

Amazon Seller Central (FBA)

Vendor Central

The most independent way of working with Amazon. You use their platform while managing your listings and setting your prices. When an order is placed, you are responsible for fulfillment. Shipping, returns, and customer service are managed by you.

Your products are listed on the Amazon platform and you control the price but Amazon fulfills orders and maintains inventory. You are required to ensure adequate supply and ship products in advance to Amazon Distribution Centers.

When you are a vendor, you sell your products directly to Amazon at wholesale prices. Like a traditional retailer, they own the product once they receive it and are responsible for pricing, shipping, returns, and customer service. Suppliers are invited to be in the Vendor Central program.

The tools you need to handle Amazon orders easily.

Infographic of eZCom's connection to Amazon Seller central

Amazon, whether you rely on Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central, let’s you connect with more 300 million active customers. Not to mention over 90 million Prime subscribers. And how many online shoppers make Amazon the first place they search for an item? It’s above 50%, and increasing every day.

The opportunity for suppliers is enormous. But there are also pitfalls, including the need to deliver a customer experience that is first-rate — over 90% of the people who buy on Amazon say they won’t purchase a product with less than three stars. What’s more, Amazon keeps its own scorecard on suppliers — brands that leave customers unsatisfied can be removed from the site.

With such high stakes, we aim to make your Amazon selling process a seamless one. That’s why we integrate and automate the exchange of purchase orders, invoices, and other Amazon transactions. No matter how you choose to sell,  we have the tools you need to stay compliant with Amazon and highly-rated with shoppers.

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It automates. It validates. It integrates.

You have clients and technology partners who demand you work a very specific way. Their way.

Our software understands that. You see, Lingo is not only powerful, it’s adaptable. Let’s call it software without an ego.

Whether you choose to use our portal, your own API, or an ERP from another technology partner, Lingo knows how to get along with all of them. Including a few that aren’t exactly known for being friendly.

EDI Integrations

If you work with them, so can we.