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April 28, 2020


The Challenge: More Orders Across More Channels

Dutch Creative Brands Case Study

Continuing to work with brands as they grow is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work here at eZCom. It means we’re not only providing a consistent level of service but have the scale to meet the needs of expanding companies.

One of our long-time customers is Dutch Creative Brands USA. A subsidiary of the Netherlands-based company that invented the Vacu Vin Wine Saver in 1983, it ships products around the country from its headquarters in North Carolina.

Of course, back in 1983, the process of selling at retail was not particularly complicated. There were stores and malls, but no need to call any of it brick-and-mortar because, well, there wasn’t much else. There may have been an internet—except the only people who used it worked for the military, the government, or NASA.


Dutch Creative Brands Group is a family-owned company, based in The Netherlands, that operates in more than 85 countries around the world—Dutch Creative Brands USA is its American subsidiary. The company, which launched after its invention of the Vacu Vin wine saver in 1986, specializes in the development, production and distribution of innovative housewares. All products developed by Dutch Creative Brands Group are positioned under the Vacu Vin or Tomorrow’s Kitchen brand umbrella, or become part of special development programs with other companies. DCB Group is continuously looking for new brands to add to its portfolio.

What was considered a different channel? How about catalogs, printed on paper and delivered to your doorstep? At the time, it was considered the highest level of convenience to buy an item by making a phone call and placing an order with a representative.

During the 12-plus years that Dutch Creative Brands USA has been an eZCom customer, much has changed. But the relationship—built on the functionality of our Lingo software and the expertise of our people–remains solid.

Today, in addition to the original Vacu Vin product, the company sells other barware and kitchen gadgets, like its popular pineapple slicer. While it continues to ship to traditional retailers, the company has embraced this omnichannel world. Orders from brick-and-mortar stores remain a large portion of revenue, but other outlets continue to expand—direct-to-consumer drop shipping for traditional retailers, sales from its own eCommerce store, online marketplaces. In fact, Amazon is now its biggest customer. But no matter where an order originates, it is processed with Lingo.

The Solution: EDI software that is infinitely flexible.

Crystal Harpe from Dutch Creative Brands USA, says that when she started with the company and began working with eZCom, “I didn’t have many expectations. But what has really made a difference to me is the customer service that I receive from the support team.”

Of course, no growing business sticks with a mediocre product, no matter how much they might like the experts behind it. But Dutch Creative Brands USA has found that our Lingo software is not only robust, it’s flexible. It adapts to the changing needs of companies that work with it.

“Lingo software is extremely user-friendly. It takes the confusion away from trading partner setups, and the processing of orders.”

Crystal Harpe Dutch Creative Brands USA

Less manual entry equals more time.

What else does a busy but lean operation like Dutch Creative Brands USA want from its EDI and order processing software? Time. Like virtually every company that is successfully selling products in this fast-changing retail landscape, every minute is a precious commodity. Our platform is integrated with the ERP from Exact that the company runs, and automates many tasks to reduce manual entry and save time.

Harpe notes, “Lingo is integrated with our software, and we’re able to automate the downloading of orders instead of being forced to manually enter, say, over 200 Bed Bath & Beyond orders each week.”

When it comes to onboarding new trading partners, Harpe has found that eZCom makes the process straightforward.

On occasion, while onboarding a new trading partner, she is told to consider one of our competitors, including the largest in the industry, and representatives often reach out to her.

Right-sized, and built to scale.

While some EDI providers may boast about size, that doesn’t replace the people at eZCom she has come to trust. What’s more, our software and services match up with even our biggest competitors—we have hundreds of clients and work with all kinds of trading partners. And as Dutch Creative Brands USA has expanded, we have scaled with them.

As retailing shifts to online stores and marketplaces, the company is adjusting its focus appropriately, selling through online marketplaces and drop shipping more products directly to consumers. Working with a company they trust for EDI and order processing, with a software platform they can rely on, creates better relationships with their retail customers and lets them focus on growing sales.

“Each time I just tell them that we partner with eZcom and that because of their service, great reputation, and our working relationship, there is nothing that can make me consider switching to any other EDI provider.”

Crystal Harpe Dutch Creative Brands USA

As markets mature, more companies are moving to EDI, something that Harpe appreciates. But real efficiency comes from being able to handle all kinds of orders in the same manner, whether it’s EDI or something else. With eZCom integrated into their ERP, Harpe and her team at Dutch Creative Brands USA enjoy streamlined, less time-consuming order processing.

“Our overall experience with eZCom has been a true pleasure. Over the course of the past 12 years I have had to set up around 23 new trading partners. eZCom has made each process painless and provides excellent support,” Harpe stated. “Any time I have a question or an issue, the team always has an answer and a solution. I have not had a single negative experience with the software or the support staff.”

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