EDI 940

The EDI 940 (Warehouse Shipping Order) is transmitted to a warehouse or 3PL provider, authorizing a shipment to a retail trading partner.

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What’s in an EDI 940?

The EDI 940 includes the following information:

  • Supplier/manufacturer identification
  • Required delivery date
  • Item numbers, descriptions, and quantities
  • Ship-to information
  • Bill-to information
  • Any special shipper requirements

When is an EDI 940 typically issued?

The EDI 940 is sent when an order is confirmed and a shipment needs to be sent. When it is received by the warehouse or 3PL, an EDI 997 (Functional Acknowledgment) should be returned.

What makes the EDI 940 valuable?

Speed, efficiency, accuracy—the EDI 940 increases all of them. When it’s fully automated—easily done with our Lingo software—it improves communications with your warehouse or 3PL provider and makes EDI far less time-intensive for your team.

As soon as an order enters the Lingo or the integrated system that powers your business, an EDI 940 can be generated automatically. Instead of creating a shipment manually—one for every order received—the automated EDI 940 connects directly to your warehouse or 3PL to pull the necessary inventory. Since it is created directly from information in the EDI 950—no copy-and-paste actions required—it helps eliminate the mistakes that create issues and damage to relationships with trading partners.

An EDI 940 is far more accurate when compared to shipping orders that are mailed, emailed, or sent with that relic called a fax machine. It also provides an additional layer of security, as permissions can be established to control which team members have access to the information.

What is the format of an EDI 940?

An EDI 940 is “raw” EDI data, but is translated by our Lingo software. After translation, it is easy for your team and your warehouse staff or 3PL provider to work with the information it contains.

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