EDI 945

The EDI 945 is the Warehouse Shipping Advice. It is transmitted by a warehouse or 3PL provider and indicates that a shipment has been sent.

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What’s in an EDI 945?

  • The EDI 945 includes:
    • Shipment identification
    • Ship-from and ship-to information
    • The date the shipment was sent
    • Payment information related to shipping
    • Transportation method—ie. Air Freight, Ground, etc.
    • The level of shipping service used—ie. Overnight, 2-Day, Standard
    • Item and quantity shipped, including any variance from the amount in the original order

When is an EDI 945 typically issued?

The EDI 945 works in conjunction with the EDI 940 (Warehouse Shipping Order). It is returned by the warehouse or 3PL to the supplier, and confirms that a shipment has been sent.

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