EDI 947

The EDI 947 is the Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice. It provides information about changes in inventory position, quantity, or status. It can used by a warehouse or a supplier.

The EDI 947 is one of four inventory-specific EDI documents. The others are the EDI 940, the EDI 944, and the EDI 945.

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What’s in an EDI 947?

The EDI 947 has valuable information for all parties throughout the supply chain, whether it’s a company warehouse, a 3PL, the retailer, or the supplier. Accurate, updated inventory counts provide transparency that eliminates shortfalls or delays. The EDI 947 includes:

  • Quantities and item locations
  • Increases or decreases in the amount of available product
  • Difficulty locating a specific product

When is an EDI 947 typically issued?

The EDI 947 can be issued at any time but is often sent following a physical inventory count completed at a warehouse.  

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