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How a Niche ERP Leaned on EDI to Help Customers Sell to Large Retailers and Scale Like Never Before

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Indigo8 is a niche ERP that builds inventory and management software for fashion brands. Its platform is the backbone its clients rely on to help them reduce manual workloads, increase operating efficiency and streamline operations.

Part of Indigo8’s strategy is to help its clients grow. When they grow, Indigo8 grows. Identifying relationships with large online and brick-and-mortar trading partners as a mutually beneficial growth opportunity for its clients, Indigo8 determined that baking EDI, or electronic data interchange, into its product offering was the key.

What Indigo8 needed was an experienced, reliable EDI partner that could get it done, specifically via API. 

Why an API? An API, or application programming interface, is essentially a connection that lets two systems talk to each other and share data within and across organizations. APIs are fast, structured, reliable and – when designed and built right – virtually human proof. 


Enter eZCom Software

After vetting a number of EDI providers, Indigo8 selected eZCom Software to build a custom ERP-EDI integration. With over 20 years of EDI experience, a consultative approach, in-house development and support teams, and – most importantly – a robust, proven RESTful API, eZCom checked all the boxes. 

In just weeks, eZCom and Indigo8 built and thoroughly tested a custom, API-powered ERP-EDI integration backed by eZCom’s comprehensive documentation and implementation support. For Indigo8, this meant that their clients were soon spending less time on EDI, dramatically improving data accuracy, reducing chargebacks, strengthening trading partner relationships – and building new ones! 

“We love that eZCom’s API eliminates the need for middleware. We are laser-focused on providing a seamless experience to our clients and that’s exactly what eZCom brings to the table: frictionless infrastructure and a wealth of technical expertise. We’ll partner with them all day.” 

Will Hooley
Managing Director, Indigo8

About eZCom

A leading provider of electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions, eZCom Software supports thousands of suppliers and their retailer relationships, ensuring accuracy, compliance and efficiency. Backed by an in-house development team and on-site, U.S.-based customer support, eZCom’s flagship platform, Lingo, is easy to set up, seamlessly integrates with existing business systems and enables custom automations to save suppliers time and money.

Learn more about eZCom Software. Visit, email [email protected] or call 201-731-1800, Option 1.