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How European-based Fashion ERP, Zedonk, Met the EDI Demands of its Growing US Customer Base

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London-based, Zedonk, sells into nearly 50 countries, powering the ERP needs of more than 1000 fashion brands, ranging from Victoria Beckham to Reinhard Plank.

As the company began to expand into the United States, Zedonk recognized an increased demand among that audience for an EDI solution that could integrate into its ERP platform while also meeting the EDI standard most commonly used in North America, X12. 

Quick Comparison: X12 vs. EDIFACT


  • North American EDI standard
  • Uses three-digit numbers to identify transactions (i.e., 810)
  • Developed by the Accredited Standards Committee
  • Uses an ASCII-based syntax


  • EDI standard throughout Europe and Asia
  • Uses six letter codes to identify transactions (i.e., INVOIC)
  • Developed by the United Nations and the International Organization for Standardization
  • Uses UN/EDIFACT syntax


Faced with the decision to build or partner, Zedonk recognized that pursuing the latter would best serve their client base. The company began to evaluate U.S.-based EDI solutions providers, seeking a partner that was established and collaborative. Looking at eZCom Software, Zedonk saw a robust EDI platform in Lingo, a solid, intuitive interface and an in-house development team capable of building custom integrations. 

“Some of our clients had experience with other EDI platforms, so we sought their opinion on Lingo. The general consensus was extremely positive. It took fewer clicks to get things done. Integrations were sound. Data flowed seamlessly. We knew eZCom was our winner.”

Marco De Vecchio
Director Of Operations, ZEDONK

Together, Zedonk and eZCom Software developed an interface that allows EDI orders to seamlessly flow from Lingo into Zedonk. And since Lingo is globally compatible with both X12 and EDIFACT, Zedonk clients around the world can take advantage of it.

Impact and Outcomes

Zedonk’s U.S. customers have, on average, one to three retail trading partners. With the Lingo-Zedonk EDI-ERP integration in place, those customers spend less time maintaining EDI compliance, fewer errors and fewer chargebacks. 

The integration has also made Zedonk a sticker solution, boosting retention among U.S. clients and unlocking potential opportunities for clients around the world.

“Not having an EDI solution is no longer a dealbreaker for prospects evaluating Zedonk. Our relationship with eZCom is a crucial piece to our growth in North America and we are eager to see it scale.”

Marco De Vecchio
Director Of Operations, ZEDONK

And in Case You’re Wondering…

A zedonk is a zebra-donkey hybrid, just like Zedonk blends a keen fashion sense with modern technology. The more you know…

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