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Short Shipping

Short-shipping – very situational and relies heavily on your preferred packing method used. Let’s go over short shipping based on your preferred packing method below.

Pack All Items in One Carton
If you received a purchase order with single or multiple items and then suddenly realized you may not have all the quantities and now need to partially fulfill the order – your best pack method is “Pack All Items in One Carton”.

We will use this as example:

You got an Order from Burlington for one SKU with quantities of 156. You checked your stock and you can only ship 120 of this item. You would log into LINGO and then go to your already created Shipment Document. In your Shipment Document(ASN) you will navigate towards the bottom of the page where you would normally see your items and adjust ‘Qty to Ship’ field to accurately reflect the number of items shipped.

Once ‘Qty to Ship’ field is updated, scroll back up to ‘Packing Type’ drop-down menu, select option ‘Pack All Items in One Carton’ and hit ‘Pack Shipment’ option. You will now have one carton with 120 items packed it leaving the rest unpacked.