EDI 754

The EDI 754, known as the Routing Response or Routing Instructions, is used by retailers to provide important shipping details such as ship date, ship-to address, carrier, and appointment number. Retailers that have assumed more in-house control of the shipping process will use the EDI 754 most frequently. Sometimes it is sent automatically, but it typically follows the EDI 753, known as the Routing Request, which is used by suppliers to get shipping details from the retailer.

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What’s in an EDI 754?

Some of the information provided by the retailer in the Routing Response could include:

  • The name of the shipping carrier to be used
  • The quantity of trailers that will be used to ship the order
  • The dates and times when the shipment will be sent

When is an EDI 754 typically issued?

Generally, the EDI 754 is sent to the supplier after the Routing Request (EDI 753) has been received, usually within 72 hours. 

With Lingo software, the EDI 754 can also be part of an automated process that reduces errors and chargebacks. Final routing instructions can be automatically moved from the 754 to the 856 (ASN or Advance Shipment Notice)—no cutting and pasting required.

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