EDI 812

Even the most efficient supply chains wind up making adjustments. When there is a problem with an order, the retailer can issue an EDI 812 Debit/Credit Adjustment. This document communicates the amount that will be paid following the adjustment.

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What’s in an EDI 812?

An EDI 812 may include:

  • Original PO or transaction number
  • Adjustment amount
  • Specific items related to the adjustment
  • Cause of the adjustment

When is an EDI 812 typically issued?

Some of the issues that may prompt an EDI 812 are:

  • Items were not received 
  • Items were received but were defective, damaged, or spoiled
  • Incorrect items were sent 
  • Manufacturer rebates or retailer allowances that create the need for adjustment
  • Items were delivered but the quantities were incorrect—too many or too few
  • A pricing error discovered on the original invoice (EDI 810) needs to be corrected
  • Consumer returns warranted the return of products

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