EDI 816

The EDI 816 (Organizational Relationship) is used to notify suppliers about new or changed physical locations. It could announce the existence of a new store, a change in address to an existing store, or a new or moved distribution center. Each address is assigned a location code.

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What’s in an EDI 816?

The EDI 816 has two sections. One section has physical addresses, while the other explains how each location functions with others and within the organization. This information lets brands know which distribution centers supply which stores, so products are shipped to the correct location. 

When is an EDI 816 typically issued?

Many trading partners will send EDI 816 announcements weekly or monthly. Some send them whether there are changes or not, while others will send it only when there are changes that need to be communicated. At eZCom, we maintain most store lists so they have the latest information and our customers don’t have to worry about updating them. 

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