EDI 830

The EDI 830 “Planning Schedule with Release” is a scheduling document primarily used by retailers to provide forecasts about products—ie. we think we’ll need 1000 units in Store X in six months. It gives suppliers enough time to react and make adjustments to meet either growing demand or slowing sales.

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What’s in an EDI 830?

While primarily used for planning purposes, the EDI 830 does have functional elements. It can include:

  • Vendor numbers
  • Current inventory
  • Buyer authorization—important for many sellers to have before they commit resources in order to meet demand
  • An order release

When is an EDI 830 typically issued?

The EDI 830 is usually sent well in advance of a Purchase Order, since it is a forecasting tool. It is typically exchanged by trading partners who have an established relationship with a brand and a consistent track record of sales.

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