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Today’s rising consumer expectations and the dominance of omni-channel retailing necessitate extreme efficiency in supply chain and trade management. In order to stay competitive and achieve the most streamlined processes, more and more manufacturers (and more and more of our clients) consider integrating their relevant applications. Fully automated, totally streamlined integration requires an API.

eZCom Wins Two 2014 Stevie Awards for Women in Business

eZCom received  Company of the Year for Business Services and Best New Business Product or Service of the Year (for our Drop Ship application).

Top 5 Takeaways to Know from RVCF 2014

If you weren’t among the 450 retailers, suppliers and service providers who attended RVCF 2014, learn about five hot topics the conference addressed.


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Fishbowl Integration with Order Management Processes: A Key Component of Strategic Decision-making

Facility with inventory management can make or break a business.  Inventory represents your company’s single greatest investment.  According to leading analysts, complex logistics surrounding increasingly globalized, longer supply chains as well as upsurge in costs of all types of raw materials puts upward pressure on inventory; while product lifecycles across most major industries continue to shorten. Errors in inventory management can truly batter a bottom line.