EDI 753

The EDI 753 Request for Routing Instructions is sent by the supplier to obtain the necessary shipping information from the retail trading partner. It is often used by large volume retailers—Amazon, Cabela’s, Kohl’s—that have their own internally managed shipping operations.

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What’s in an EDI 753?

The supplier is seeking to confirm all shipment details. The EDI 753 typically includes:

  • Weight of load or loads that will be sent
  • Quantity of products/items that will be sent
  • Pickup location
  • Pick up date and time
  • Routing control number

When is an EDI 753 typically issued?

The EDI 753 is required by some retail trading partners. When it is a requirement, it is sent to the retailer once the supplier knows an order is ready to ship.  The retailer responds with instructions the supplier uses to ship the order, and complete the EDI 856 (Advanced Shipment Notification) that will be sent when the shipment is on its way.

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